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August 04, 2008


I love Walgreens. Right now, they're having a 4/10 Kellogg cereal sale, but the great part is that you get $5 in register rewards back. I took the Josh and Wesley with me and we each bought 4 boxes of cereal. Well, the rewards printed fine on the first, but didn't print on the second. Maybe because we used the rewards from the first to pay for the second, but it didn't say that we couldn't do that. So our poor cashier had to call the manager to look at why it didn't print out our rewards. It seemed fine for a moment, but our cashier had already started ringing up Wesley's order which printed out rewards and she thought everything was fine until we discovered that it was the rewards from his order, not Josh's. The manager was so sweet and credited the $10 in register rewards back to my credit card instead.
Altogether we got:
12 boxes of cereal (Frosted flakes, Special K and Raisin bran crunch)
3 boxes of rice crispy treats
2 boxes of Keebler cookies
3 boxes of Kellogg cereal bars
1 box of pecan Sandies.
for $27, plus we have $5 in register rewards left over from Wesley's transaction. I thought it was fun. :-}
Then we went to CVS and got:
Q-Tips (free after coupon)
Colgate advance (free after register rewards and coupons)
Colgate Max (Free after register rewards and coupon)
2 boxes of Coco pebbles (buy 1 get one free, plus $1 off coupon)
5 tubes of Crest Pro Care toothpaste, .99 each after register rewards which I just remembered are called something else at CVS.
So, i spent 9.80 if you count the CVS bucks(?) that we got back. Too fun.
we ended up spending

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