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March 31, 2008


Did you know that you can overdose on vitamins? I've decided to start taking vitamins and bought vitamins for my immune system, eyes and determined to take my own daily vitamin. So, I broke out my handful of vitamins and asked the Josh if it was possible to overdose on vitamins. Being the very loving hubby that he is, he spent the next 45 minutes researching in order to keep me safe. Here are the fruits of his research:
Vitamin A:
fat-soluble (stored in liver)

If pregnant, toxicity can occur in the fetus if the mother
takes over 100% RDA (500IU)

In a normal, healthy adult, liver damage can occur in
long-term high-dose use (over 25,000IU)

Vitamin C:
water-soluble (excreted in urine)

Tolerable upper limit is 2000mg/daily.
High doses may cause headache, diarrhea.
Long-term high-dose use may cause kidney stones.
Abruptly stopping vitamin C use after long-term
high-dose use may cause rebound scurvy.

Vitamin E:
fat-soluble (stored in liver)

Tolerable upper limit is 1500IU.

No toxidromes have been found.

mineral (stored in skeleton)

High doses may cause anemia due to blocking
the absorption of copper.
Normal dose is 15mg/daily. Toxicity has been reported
after long-term high-dose usage of 300mg.
Normalization of high doses of zinc is a very slow

mineral (stored in skeleton)

Toxicity may occur at doses up to 4000mg/daily
High-dose usage may increase risk of
kidney stones.


Toxicity may occur at toses as low as 900mcg/daily
(over 10x RDA)


Toxicity may occur at doses up to 10-20mg/daily
(5-10x RDA)


Toxicity unknown

amino acid

Toxicity unknown

Combined doses (that I would have been taking):

Vitamin A: 2500IU 12,500IU 5,000IU = 20,000IU(possible overdose)
Vitamin C: 60mg 250mg 350mg = 660mg (safe)
Vitamin E: 30IU 100IU 200IU = 330IU (safe)
Calcium: 450mg 55mg = 505mg (safe)
Copper: 2mg = 2mg (safe)
Lutein: 6mg = 6mg (safe)
L-Lysine: 500mg = 500mg (safe)
Selenium: 70mcg = 70mcg (safe)
Zinc: 15mg 25mg = 40mg (safe)

so, we decided that I shouldn't take the ACE vitamin since that would bring my intake to dangerous levels!
Just thought I'd share.

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Dawn said...

What about vitamin B (all B's) and D? You should look up what B is good for.