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August 08, 2007

Ten On Tuesday~Ten of my favorite books

WARNING: these are my favorite books, some of them contain adult content and are not recommended for young readers.

1. The Aunt Dimity Books by Nancy T. Atherton.
Lori is recently divorced and feeling quite hopeless when her Aunt Dimity dies and leaves her quite the legacy.

2. Steve Berry's series featuring Cotton Malone.
Cotton Malone is retired, sort of. He finds himself caught up in an unexpected Adventure. Start with the Templar Legacy, then the Alexandria Link.

3. Dorothy Cannell's series featuring Ellie Haskell.
Ellie starts out as a slightly plump single woman and ends up not only with a great inheritance, but a wonderful family and mysteries to solve.

4. Janet Evanovich's number Series.
Join bounty hunter Stephanie Plum on her many adventures. Start with One for the Money.

5. Thomas Harris' Hannibal Series.
Begin with Red Dragon and work your way through the series. A bit graphic, so not for the squeamish.

6. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's Pendergast Series.
My favorite series of all, join Pedergast as he solves astounding mysteries. These are also more of the thriller genre. Start with the Relic.

7. James Twining's series featuring Tom Kirk.
Tom Kirk is a thief. He's on his way out of the game but must do one final job. Start with The Double Eagle and continue with The Black Sun. Coming Soon: The Gilded Seal.

8. MC Beaton's Agatha Raisin Series.
Agatha is a retired public relations boss who retires to the countryside of England. She finds herself caught up in mysteries.

9. Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park.
Maybe they'll think twice next time before messing with mother nature.

10. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
Her most popular novel, Elizabeth Bennett overcomes first impressions and falls in love. Read it online here.

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