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July 26, 2007

Thursday 13

13 of my favorite Disney songs.

We are preparing for a yard sale and went through our games today. I have Disney Trivia 1&2, Disney monopoly and Sorry. This inspired my topic for this Thursday. :-}

1. The Little Mermaid's Part of your world. The perfect song for a girl who feels like an outside and wants to experience normal life.

2. Mulan's Reflection.

3.Dumbo's Baby mine. I don't like Dumbo the movie, but I love this song. Especially when Bette Midler sings it in Beaches. :-}

4. Lady and the Tramp's He's a Tramp. Such a fun song.

5. The Aristocat's Everybody wants to be a cat.

6.Pete's Dragon's Candle on the Water. I couldn't find a picture of Helen Reddy that had anything to do with Pete's Dragon.

7.American Tale's Somewhere out there. What a song for day dreamers and lonely folks.

8. Newsie's Santa Fe. Who hasn't longed to be somewhere else.

9. Hunchback of Notre Dame's God Help the Outcast. Such a beautiful song, though not entirely nice to the church. But I think sometimes the church deserves it. Its good to be reminded of what the church is meant to be. A refuge for outcasts.

10. The live action Cinderella's Ten Minutes Ago.

11. Muppet Christmas Carol's The Love Has Gone. I know, I'm a sucker for sad songs.

12. A happier song, Happiest Millionaire's Fortuosity.

13. Another Newsies' song: Seize the day. I love the harmonies on this song. Its just gorgeous. I can't believe I don't own it.

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