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July 12, 2007

Thursday 13

13 Movies that deal with religion in an intriguing way.

1. Dogma
Bartleby and Loki have been kicked out of heaven. They want back in. Trying to stop them is the last Scion, a woman who has lost her faith in God and found herself on a strange journey. My favorite part, when Alanis Morissette shows up as God.

2. Constantine
Keanu Reeves and Shia something or other star in this tale of Constantine's search for redemption. Angels and demons are real, but its all a game that God and Satan play, hoping to win the most souls in the end. People are tormented and lines are crossed in the search for Isabell's or Angela's (I can't remember which twin dies) killer.

3. Stigmata
Patricia Arquette and Gabriel Byrne. Frankie is a non-catholic who starts exhibiting stigmata. Gabriel Byrne is the priest sent to investigate.

4. The Devil's Advocate.
Kevin has his dream job. But maybe he has a bit too much power and temptation since his boss is sort of Satan and offering him the world. Though this is a dirty movie, I love that they comment on vanity. Vanity gets them every time.

5. The Omen
Who names their child Damien? How evil is that? Of course, he's gonna be evil. Especially since he's the anti-Christ. Hello.

6. The Sound of Music
Maria, she's a nun. Until she falls in love with the father of her charges.

7. The Order
Heath Ledger is very good in this film. A more accurate title would be, the sin eater. He discovers the world of the sin eater, a man who, for a price, will take your sins away right before you die. He takes your sin unto himself and you are absolved.

8. Bless the Child
Maggie raises her sisters child from infancy. As the child grows, there is something different about her. Then children start dying in their city. Maggie must protect her at any cost.

9. Lost Souls
Winona Ryder is Maya, a member of a small group that believes that just as God became man in Jesus, so will Satan take on human form. She must stop the transformation.

10. The Haunting.
yes, this is stretching it a bit, but she seems like a good catholic girl. Lili Taylor's character has cared for her ailing mother for years, an eternity in purgatory. She receives a mysterious phone call and finds herself as part of a supposed sleep study, but truly a study on fear and group responses to fear. Yes, its corny, thanks dad, but I love the house in this movie. It is so elaborate and detailed.

11. Fallen.
Denzel Washington is on the hunt of a killer. A killer who was put to death... The spirit in him walks the earth, transferring from person to person with a mere touch.

12. Da Vinci Code.
Long and boring. What a long and boring movie. My dad fell asleep.

13. Yentl
Yes, it is explicitly religious. But what a look into their lives! And a wonderful soundtrack. :-}

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