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July 13, 2007


I've recently decided that I have way too much stuff and am not mobile enough.
So, I've been going through my stuff deciding what to get rid of.
I will allow myself:
1 bookcase of books
1 bookcase (slightly smaller) of DVDs.
1 case of music cds.
1 closet full of clothes
1 dresser full of clothes
1 shelf of bathroom toiletries
1 drawer in the room with lotions, etc.

So, theoretically, I shouldn't have that much stuff. Of course, I have tons of stuff. Way too many books and movies. Josh and I have been going through the movies though and weeding things that I haven't watched for quite a while and am not very attached to. I like the idea of the things we own either being friends or acquaintances. We should keep the friends and get rid of the acquaintances.
Ooh, and I was watching HGTV the other day and they said to turn all of your clothing on hangers around in the closet so that it hooks over the back instead of front and if you actually wear the item, turn it the other way when you put it back in your closet. In 6 months, get rid of everything that is facing the wrong way. Hm.

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Amy said...

Good idea about turning the hangers around - I just might try that!