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June 21, 2007

Thursday 13

13 books that I want to read, but probably won't.

1. The Third Translation by Matt Bondurant.
an American Egyptologist living in London has less than a week to unlock the secrets of the Stela of Paser, a funerary stone whose references to a "third way" of deciphering the hieroglyphics inscribed on the stone have teased, tempted and eluded would-be translators for centuries.

2. The book of air and shadows by Michael Gruber.
the lives of two men are changed forever by William Shakespeare and the letters of Richard Bracegirdle, a 16th-century English spy and soldier.

3. Son of a witch by Gregory Maguire. I read the first one and love the musical but haven't made it through the book.

4. Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay.
15-year-old Ned Marriner is spending a spring vacation with his celebrated photographer father during a shoot of the Cathedral of Saint-Sauveur. His mother, a physician with Doctors without Borders, is in the Sudan, so Ned and Dad are extremely worried. Exploring Saint-Sauveur, Ned meets American exchange-student Kate Wenger, who knows a lot about the history of Aix. The two surprise a knife-carrying, scar-faced stranger in the cathedral, who tells them, "I think you ought to go. . . . You have blundered into the corner of a very old story." Ned and Kate, then the rest of his family, including the aunt and uncle from England and his mother, are drawn into an ancient conflict with the shades of Celtic spirits.

5. Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud by Julia Navarro.
A fire at the Turin cathedral, where Jesus' shroud is about to be displayed, leads to the discovery of a secret group that is after the holy relic. Descended from a disciple of Jesus who obtained the original shroud, those sent to reclaim the cloth cut out their tongues so they will not disclose their mission.

6. Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. One of the greatest Arthur legend movies, but I've not gotten around to the book...

7. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. The first real mystery written and a great movie. I checked it out and read about the first 50 pages...

8. Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen.
Lots of our staff have told me how good this book was...I'll probably never read it though.

9. Savage Garden by Mark Mills.
Two murders committed 400 years apart form the core of British author Mills's outstanding second novel.

10. Ghostwalk by Rebbecca Stott.
The mysterious drowning death of Elizabeth Vogelsang, a Cambridge University scholar who was almost finished writing a controversial biography of Isaac Newton, leads her son, Cameron Brown, to recruit Lydia Brooke, his former lover, to complete the book.

11. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
I read the first one and it was a very good book. I should read the second one.

12. Medici Dagger by Cameron West.
I requested this one through ILL but didn't end up reading it.

13. Grail Conspiracy by Lynn Sholes.
On assignment in the Middle East, television journalist Cotten Stone stumbles upon an archaeological dig that uncovers the world's most-sought-after religious relic: the Holy Grail. With his last dying breath, Dr. Gabriel Archer gives it to Cotten, uttering "You are the only one" in a language she's heard from only one other person--her deceased twin sister.

So, why haven't I read any of these? My attention span gets shorter and shorter and I find it difficult to get into a book. I'm currently reading Lean Mean 13 by Janet Evanovich and the third translation. The Brotherhood book listed above is sounding more interesting...I think I'll check it out too. :-}

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Joe Moore said...

I hope you have a chance to read THE GRAIL CONSPIRACY, and our second in the series, THE LAST SECRET. #3, THE HADES PROJECT will be out Sept 1. So get reading!! :-)
All the best, Joe Moore