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June 21, 2007

Obviously I have no life and watch too many movies

Yes, it may be very boring, but here is a list of the top 50 EW Action films, which ones I've seen and what I thought of them.

50. BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN. I had never even heard of that one.
49. POINT BREAK. yes, I've seen it. I like Keanu Reeves best when he's not taking himself too seriously. Its fun dumb, if you go in knowing that its a bit dumb, then its great.
48. UNDER SIEGE. No. I do not like Steven Seagal. I don't think he is a very good actor. I find him very...stoic? Wooden? Something like that. Worse than Keanu in the Matrix.
47. ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (1976). Nope. I do love the new one though.
46. PITCH BLACK. Yes, though I've only seen it once. I like Vin Diesel when he's kicking bum or blowing things up. Its fun. I much prefer the sequel to the original movie.
45. APOCALYPTO. No. I did not like Passion of the Christ and hardly thought twice about renting this bloody movie. But it isn't because its subtitled, I really enjoy a very well done foreign film, such as Life is Beautiful and sometimes use captions on Bollywood films or films from Europe where the actors have heavy accents, so I don't mind reading a bit.
44. ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. I'm going to say no, but I'm not 100% sure. It seems like something I maybe would rent...
43. TOTAL RECALL. Nope. I'm not a big Schwarzenegger fan. Though I do enjoy a great many of his movies, he is not the reason I usually watch a movie.
42. LA FEMME NIKITA. Nope, but it does look fun.
41. DESPERADO. I love this movie. How do you get better than Selma Hayek and Antonio Banderas ? Plus he's a traveling musician (sort of) with a great accent. He's on a revenge mission, so he's not just killing people for the fun of it, they probably deserve to die.
40. INDEPENDENCE DAY. Yep. Its one I can watch over again. I love Jeff Goldblum, especially in smart roles like this and the part he plays in Jurassic Park.
39. THE CRIMSON PIRATE. Nope, even though its a pirate movie (and I do love pirates) I have not seen this one. Of course, it was made in 1952 so I don't think that I've seen it in my local video store...
38. X2: X-MEN UNITED. Oooh, I love this movie. I love the introduction of other mutants and the underground facility in Canada and that it sets up Jean Gray for the third movie. Of course, I do love Wolverine and his quest to find out where he came from. Oooh, and nightcrawler of course!
37. THE ROCK. If I made a list of my top 10 action films, this would be on it. I love Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage. Again, action with reason instead of meaningless violence.
36. TWISTER. This movie makes me go, meh. Its fine but not wonderful.
35. RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II. Alas, I am not a fan of Sylvester Stalone. I don't think that I've ever seen a movie that he's been in...no, not that I can recall.
34. TOP GUN. Funny enough, I've only seen bits and pieces of this movie. They were watching it on a tour bus I was on, but I only watched some of it.
33. THE FUGITIVE. Ooh, yes. Good movie. Harrison Ford is great.
32. TRUE LIES. Nope. Another Arnold movie that I missed.
31. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III. It was interesting. I am not really a Tom Cruise fan, but the movie was okay. I was a fan once upon a time, but after watching the last Samurai, for some reason, I didn't really like him anymore. I did enjoy that Keri Russel was in a major movie. Good for her! Even if she did die pretty quickly.
30. GUNGA DIN. Nope, but I should watch it. I don't like war movies but Cary Grant...
29. THE TERMINATOR. Yes. My dad and I watched all three in one week, the week the third one came out. Though I did enjoy it, its my least favorite of the three, but I did seem to like them better as it went along, I liked the second one better and the third one best.
28. KUNG FU HUSTLE. Oh my, yes, I've seen it. I think we watched it because Josh wanted to...it was very odd.
26. THE PROFESSIONAL. Nope, but now I want to see it.
25. The Incredibles. It was fine, but its odd that a cartoon is on the list.
24. LETHAL WEAPON. Nope. Never seen it.
23. DRUNKEN MASTER II. No, I don't like Jackie Chan either. Except when he's with Owen Wilson...
22. PREDATOR. Sadly, no. The only Alien or Predator movie I've seen is Alien V. Predator, which I really liked.
21. SPIDER-MAN 2. I saw it but didn't like it. But it was a bad movie going experience for many reasons, probably the least of which was the actual movie.
20. KILL BILL — VOL. 1. Of course. I watched both of them. Uma Thurman kicking Lisa's bum, that's fun entertainment.
19. GOLDFINGER. I have only seen 1 bond movie in its entirety. The newest one. So, no, I haven't seen this one.
18. THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. This was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up.
17. THE BOURNE SUPREMACY. Yes. Very good movie.
16. CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON. Alas, yes, I've seen this awful, excessively boring movie.
15. ENTER THE DRAGON. No, not a martial arts fan. Not really, no.
14. ROBOCOP. Sadly, no.
13. THE WILD BUNCH. Nope. I like a very select group of westerns and this is not one of them.
12. THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Of course, what 20something hasn't seen it?
11. SPEED. yes, I even saw the sequel.
10. TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. Oh yes. Very good movie.
9. HARD-BOILED. Alas, no.
8. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. I don't like war movies. I've seen very few of them, this is no exception.
7. GLADIATOR. Oh, this is such a good movie. I love ancient Rome and Joaquin Phoenix is so creepy in it!
6. SEVEN SAMURAI. Nope.. Martial arts...
5. THE MATRIX. Yes, though I didn't understand what other people didn't understand about it...I once thought that maybe they made up a rumor about it being difficult to comprehend so that more people would watch it. It seemed fairly simple to me. The action was fun in the first movie because it was new, but got old in the second.
4. THE ROAD WARRIOR. I think that I've seen this. I watched mad max and it was horribly dubbed, but I think that I watched this one around the same time, but it was 10 years ago, so I don't really remember.
3. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Of course! I am quite the Indiana Jones fan. I can't wait til the fourth one comes out!
2. ALIENS. See 22.
1. DIE HARD. Nope. So sad that I've seen so few of them.

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