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June 15, 2007

Five on Friday

Five of my favorite versions of Pride and Prejudice.

5. Pride and Prejudice 2005. While this is my least favorite version, I will admit that it was fine. My problem is mostly that I'm not entirely fond of Kiera Knightly. I don't know why. I like her in the pirate movies, but not really anywhere else... Odd.

4. Pride and Prejudice 1980. This miniseries was done by the BBC. While it took me a while to get used to the almost stage like appearance of the film.

3. Pride and Prejudice from 1940. Greer Carson stars as Elizabeth with Laurence Olivier as Mr. Darcy. Of course, the actual film has little to do with the book (they wear big fancy ball gowns with hoops which I didn't exactly think of when reading P&P) but its lots of fun. It even finds Elizabeth shooting archery...

2. Bride & Prejudice. This Indian musical version of the film is wonderful. Its modern day, and the songs are a bit silly, but it is very fun.

1. Pride & Prejudice, the A&E version. Its a wonderful look at life back then. Colin Firth is wonderful as Mr. Darcy, he was even featured in Bridget Jones' Diary and then went on to star in the movie. I also love Jennifer Ehle who plays Miss Elizabeth Bennett. Its nice to see a character who is not a wilting flower needing to be rescued but speaks her own mind and is not silly like most of her sisters. Its not only the longest version I've seen, it is of course, much more in depth than the other versions.

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Tammy said...

I kept forgetting to stop by again after I found your blog... so, hi again!
I have to agree...as a Jane Austen fan, the A&E version was by far the best. I saw the 2005 version and I liked Darcy OK but not Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth...
as an old movie buff, I have seen the 1940 version several times- agree that it is not accurate but a lot of fun.
Love, love the A&E version...:)

Such a fun blog- I'll be back sooner next time!