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November 24, 2004


A very odd film full of not really radical Christians but people who seem to be a bit confused. The main character decides that having sex with her gay boyfriend is the only way to help him over come his sexual tendency, she gets pregnant and after this causes her to doubt her faith, she is cast out from among the jewels, her group of friends and singing group.
The only people in her school that have redeeming value are of course those that the mainstream Christians have rejected.
I wouldn't recommend the movie, but it does make us think about our motives.
The most popular girl (holiest and all that stuff) does the right thing (sometimes, or at least what she thinks is right) but has horrible motives and is really quite a bad word. Not a nice girl at all.
Its depicts Christians (at least most) as self-centered Jesus freaks (God and Christ are portrayed more as rock stars or celebrities than anything else) and not people that I would ever want to be around.
maybe the point of the movie is to make the Christian community take a closer look at how we are treating the world. Or something.
Recommended for: parents of Christian teens, those involved in youth ministry.

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