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November 28, 2004

National Treasure

It was great!
Starring Nicholas Cage and other people. Its been compared to the Divinci Code but the only thing that is the same is that its a kind of treasure hunt where they have to follow clues to the next location.
I loved it. Its fun and interesting (they talk about the masons and Knights Templar which I am interested in and have read several books about). I have a personal interest in the story since I am very into conspiracy theories and lost treasures, the Holy Grail and things of that nature. Maybe not a healthy interest, but fun.
One thing that I liked is that the good and bad characters are clearly defined. The bad guy is clearly the bad guy almost from the beginning.
While they do steal the declaration of independence, they state that it is wrong and they should not steal the declaration.
I would recommend it to: Indiana Jones Fans, Adventure Fans, Nicholas Cage Fans, not for hard core action fans (its fun not overly violent, no one even dies) families with children old enough to understand the fun of treasure hunting and difference between good and bad.

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Anonymous said...

i loved national treasure. it was so cool. i loved it. well, c ya.
megan :-)