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May 09, 2009

Why I quit my new job...

I started at ACS almost a month ago. I had read some negative reviews but thought that I would give it a shot since other jobs were not exactly banging down my door.
It was fine for the first 2 weeks since we were just in a classroom training environment, but then we hit the phones. I had not realized what a nervous person I was! I would tense between calls, during calls, and feel literally sick to my stomach.
I decided that the job was too far away, too unreliable and too hard on my body and emailed my letter of resignation last night. Josh actually wrote it and pressed send for me. :-}
So now, I am being a housewife for a while until I find a new job, closer to home and more to my liking. Josh is working at Home Depot for now and we'll be fine until I find something else.

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