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September 27, 2008

Free stuff!

I arrived home yesterday and discovered that I had several surprises waiting for me!
The best? Josh gave me an early birthday present of new RAM for my laptop! How fun! I-tunes used to take forever to load, not it pops right up! My goodness! I love it. (I'm sure you couldn't tell).
Now I have an updated hard drive (110 GB) and more RAM. My semi-ancient (at least for computers)laptop is being modernized.
Oooh, now to the mail. I got a $20 check from Lightspeed surveys! I don't remember what I did to earn it, but I love it. Lightspeed and Pine Cone are the only survey places I've actually gotten rewards from, so they are officially my favorites.
Also, I signed up for PSsst recently and got a yummy sample! I was hoping for the Chicken Marsala (one of my favorites) but am still excited to get

Email me if you want a coupon. :-}
Also in the mail, Spanish Kabob Skewers! Free, free, free. I love free.
I also got my free Kashi cookie which I can't wait to try!
Okay, enough about my free stuff, what is your favorite free item you've received lately?

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