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June 13, 2008

Something New

So, while reading all of the free stuff blogs I read, I came across the following deal,posted by My Good Cents "if you Open a ShareBuilder account and make one trade you can receive a free $50 by using code 50GO28. Click on “I am responding to a promotion” when you open your account."
So...I did it. I already have an ING Direct account (they own ShareBuilder) and the Josh has a ShareBuilder account. Plus it worked for the author of My Good Cents, so I thought I'd give it a try.
This Tuesday, I will be the proud owner of 1 stock of Revlon. It was a company I actually recognized. It was kind of confusing to figure out which plan I needed and how to make it only cost $4.00 (plus the dollar for the stock) but it was kind of fun. You have to keep the account for 90 days and it takes 4 weeks to qualify for the money, but hey, free money is good.

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