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May 31, 2008

Walgreen Fun

Okay, I know I don't save as much as some people, but I had a lot of fun at Walgreen's yesterday! Here is what I got:
12: Mitchum Gel 2.25 Ounces: 2 for $3.79 (normally 3.99 each at walgreen's, 2.69? each at walmart).
1: 11.5 ounce Folger Hazelnut coffee: 3.99 (normally 5 something)
1: container of large Dixie plates: 1.99 (normally 3.79)
1: Excedrin Migraine, 24 pills for 1.00, (normally 5 something)
3: Colgate Wave toothbrushes for .99 each (normally 2.99)
4: toilet bowl inserts for 2/$1.00 (normally .99 each)
I had a coupon for $10.00 off your purchase of $30 or more. That brings my savings to 9.76 in coupons, 3.00 in Walgreen's money, and 30.14 in advertised savings, making my savings total: 42.90, my purchase total 24.20. That's a good deal, even just for the deodorant. I almost feel like I got everything else free!
I know, its a bit odd to buy so much deodorant, but it was a good deal. :-}

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