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June 26, 2007

10 on Tuesdays

1. Cute Overload. Find pictures of adorable animals.
2. Google's Gmail. Sign up for a gmail account, then create your very own blog and personalized homepage.
3. Unshelved Primer. Visit Unshelved's webpage and learn all about this library based web comic. Plus sign up to receive it free in your inbox.
4. Amazon.com. Browse the millions of books, music, movies and other items at amazon.com. Pre-order your copy of the New Harry Potter book or Kelly Clarkson CD.
5. Book Reporter. Find book reviews, recommendations, notes from the author and more.
6. How Stuff Works. Want to know how the iphone works or if a car really can get 100 miles per gallon? Visit this site and find out.
7. Library Thing. Are you an avid reader who would like to connect with other readers to discuss books that you are reading? Sign up for a free account and list up to 200 books.
8. Flixster. Do you love movies? Sign up for a free flixster account and rate movies you've seen. Add your friends and plan movie nights by comparing movies you all want to see. Of course, visit my website and add me!
9. Comic.com. Want to read comics that aren't featured in your newspaper? Read 30 days worth of BC, Luann, Get Fuzzy and more at comics.com
10. My Space! I love My space! I just found a friend that I haven't seen since 8th grade!

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