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May 03, 2007

Thursday 13

13 things on my mind today.

1. Moving the wedding stuff. We've put it all in the dining room to see what we have, but Josh needs to move his desk in there. I wonder where it will end up next.
2. Painting my toenails. Tis Sandal season once again. I need to paint my toenails so that I can wear open toe shoes this summer. I didn't wear them last year but I'm more comfortable with my feet this year.
3. Rosswell. I just finished disc 3 of season 2. I watched the Christmas episode this morning. Max stands by when a man sacrifices his own life to save his daughter and is then haunted by the man until Max restores the balance. He does this by curing a room full of children in the oncology department. What a wonderful gift to have and how awful to have to hide it. It reminds me of the 4400 and Shawn's(?) power. He is able to heal so many more and be up front about it on that show.
4. Table clothes. We need a few more for the wedding.
5. Movies. I have too many movies. I don't watch most of them so I should just sell them. I shouldn't keep them if I'm not going to watch them. They just take up space.
6. Reading. I should really read more. I work at a library but spend most of my time on the internet and computers. I should read more. I've started The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber and its really good, but my attention span is kind of short right now.
7. Sleep. I haven't been sleeping well. First it was being sick, then the heat, then last night I was wide awake and every time I woke up after finally falling asleep, I was wide awake once again. Too much on my mind.
8. SimplyReports. It is to Polaris Library Systems as Report Writer was to the Galaxy system. I love it. I hope we get it approved.
9. 50 minute tv series. There should be more shows that are 50 minutes long. And I should get them for the library. They are perfect for watching on my lunch hour.
10. Cleaning out closets. The closet Josh will have is looking much better since he got the wedding stuff out. I need to clean out the rest of it. Its only about 1/4 filled with my clothes and I obviously don't wear them since I hadn't really looked in the closet for months before getting my shorts out this morning. Most of the clothes should really go to good will.
11. Brochures. I'm printing out 500 of our genealogy brochures for a genealogy conference in August. I'm at 200 now. I can do 50 a day if I push my printer. I'm printing them on perforated glossy brochure paper. They're very pretty.
12. Amy's Random Thoughts scavenger hunt. Its very fun! Today's was much easier than yesterdays hunt.
13. Interlibrary loan. Isn't that a great service? To know that if your library doesn't have a book that they may be able to borrow it from another library...that's just amazing. Instead of having to buy it, you can request it through interlibrary loan. That's a great service.

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booklogged said...

I'm not sure - did you just recently get married or is the marriage coming up in the near future? Either way, congratulations!

I agree about the scavenger hunt - it's fun and today's was much easier than yesterday's.

ILL- What would we do without them? I don't work at a library, but I sure appreciate mine and make good use of their services. ILLs are one of the best things ever.

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