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April 09, 2007

Buffy Survey Stolen from spikeysluv

Buffy/Angel Favorites!

Character(male): Spike/Spike
Character(female): Willow/Alyria
Fave Scooby Gang Member: Xander
Fave of Angels 'Avengers': Lorne, he sings!
Episode from 1st season Buffy: the Witch
2nd Season: Halloween
3rd Season: Band Candy, Doppelgängland
4th Season: Something Blue, Who are you
5th Season: Fool for Love, The Body
6th Season: Once More With Feeling, Tabula Rasa
7th Season: Touched, and of course the scene where Spike admits he has a soul.
Favorite Buffy Episode Altogether: Once More with Feeling
Episode from 1st season Angel: Heroes, its so sad...I loved Doyle. Also, Room with a view.
2nd Season: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been, Through The Looking Glass
3rd Season: Fredless, Lullaby, Waiting in the Wings
4th Season: Spin the Bottle, Orpheus
5th Season: You're Welcome! , Smile Time, A hole in the world
Fave Angel Episode: Heroes
Favorite Ship (Buffy): Buffy/Spike, even though its really messed up, I like their relationship in season 7.
Favorite Non-Canon Ship (Buffy): Anya/Halfrek
Fave Ship (Angel): Wesley/Fred
Fave Non Canon Ship (Angel): ...
Favorite Season? (Buffy): 5
Fave Season (Angel): 1, 5
Favorite Demon: Clem!
Fave Vamp: Spike
Spuffy or Bangel Riley|Buffy OR Other (specify): spuffy
Chipped Spike, Souled Spike, Crazy Souled Spike OR Bada$$ Spike?: souled Spike
Evil Angel OR Vampire With a Conscience?: Evil Angel
Evil Willow, Witchy Willow, OR Geeky Willow?: Witchy Willow
Geeky Wesley OR No Glasses Manly Wesley?: Manly Wesley
Queen Bee, Cordy on Angel or Evil not Cordy?: Nice Cordy before she ascends
Illrya OR Fred: Ilyria
Fave Big Bad: Angel
Who Should Be With Fred? Wesley or Gunn?: Wesley
Fave of Spikes (')lovers(')Buffy, Harmony, Anya, or Drusilla: Drusilla, then Buffy
Favorite of the Trio (Warren, Johnathon, or Andrew): Jonathan

Why Do you Love This Show So Much?: Its quite diverse, and many stories are fairy tale based.
Who or What Turned You to this Show?: I've always liked vampires and they were only a year behind me in school.
Do You Have Any Buffy Stuff?: All of the seasons and a signed picture of the buffy cast.

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