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February 15, 2007

Snow Days

We had 2 snow days this week and they were quite fun.
First, on Monday, before the actual snow days began, we rented movies and spent time as a family. We rented Open Season, Barnyard, Facing the Giants and Talladega Nights. We started with Open Season.
The snow began on Tuesday. It was so pretty to watch from my window. :-} I woke up just after 7 and decided to stay up and watch the news and the snow. We were under a snow emergency, so I told my dad, who had to go to work anyway. Josh ended up spending most of the morning with the EMA so my mom and I did some wedding shopping online. We called Josh to ask him about something that we found, but he was driving someone to work in an emergency vehicle. I also cleaned and went through my refrigerator.
When Josh got back, we watched more movies. :-} Well, we started watching Facing the Giants but dad had suggested that I make cookies and suddenly, I craved yummy chocolate chip cookies. So Josh and I made cookies while they watched the movie.
When they finished the movie, Josh and I walked to Blockbuster to get our $2.00 credit for returning movies the day after. We were under a snow emergency, but we walked so it was okay. Lots of people were out driving even though they weren't supposed to be. We got to Blockbuster 5 minutes before they were closing early for the blizzard. We quickly rented three more movies. The Departed (which cameout that day, but fortunately not many people had been in due to the blizzard), Crank and Monster House (for mom).
There was good TV on Tuesday night, so we spent the evening watching NCIS, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. I usually go to bed when SVU starts, but since the library was also closed on Wednesday, I stayed up to watch it.
Poor Josh, by the time he left my house at 11pm, there was so much snow that he had to rock his car back and forth to get out and when he got home the snow was so high that he was unable to park. After driving around for a while looking for a plowed parking lot, he decided to shovel out a spot in front of his house. So he went shoveling, and I went to sleep.
On Wednesday, I got up at 7:15 to watch the snow and news again, then decided that I should dig out my car. My poor car, she was comfy cozy with the snow piled up all around her. It took me about 1/2 an hour to shovel out in front of her so that I could drive her forward into the spot my dad had cleared out. Then I spent at least another 1/2 hour shoveling around where my car was. Once I was finally finished, I decided to take a shower and get all cleaned up before shoveling anymore. After dad got home from work, we went to the Hub and shoveled the sidewalk and 3 paths to the street. On our way home, we stopped by Josh's to see if they needed any help shoveling, but they were just about finished, so we went home and finished shoveling our parking area and the sidewalk.
Right when we had finished, Josh arrived ready to help us shovel. He is very sweet that way. Instead, I took a shower and then we watched Talladega Nights. Hoags joined us for part of it while Wesley woke up. After the movie, we ate dinner and watched Barnyard with my parents. It was a very cute movie.
Then it was time for Bones, so Josh and I recorded bones and Criminal Minds while we watched the Departed. It was such an excellent movie! We took a break midway through and got some red velvet cake and pecan praline ice cream (it was Valentines day) and then continued our movie.
Once the movie was over, it was time for sleep so Josh went off to his house and I went to sleep.
It was a very nice snow break.

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