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January 04, 2007

13 fun things about working in a Library

1. Reading. Lots of books and you get prepub magazines so you request them first!
2. Computers. Lots of time spent on computers.
3. Compiling statistics. Is it odd that I think its fun?
4. Movies. I can order classic movies for our collection and watch them for free.
5. The Quiet. What can I say, I love the quiet and while sometimes it gets a bit crazy, its usually nice and quiet.
6. Puppet Show. Its very entertaining to watch your coworkers put on a puppet show. Where else do you get to do that?
7. Music. I love ordering CDs for the library.
8. Inter library Loan. Its like Christmas every Tuesday.
9. Being the supplier. Of books of course!
10. Tax forms. They are so useful and people need them. Its nice to make people come into the library to get them.
11. New books, different from books in general. You can count on our ordering staff to order the latest Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child book.
12. Email. All day access to email. And the Internet. For free!
13. Staff. Our library staff is great, easy to get along with and fun loving.

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