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December 05, 2006

The Interpretation of Muder by Jed Rubenfeld

I was somewhat suprised by this book. It is not for the person who is sensitive to matters concerning alternative sexual practices (S&M, etc). It was very interesting to learn more about New York city in 1909 as well as some of the people who lived there. It is definetely fictional but many of the events and people are based on actual people.
Set around Freud's only visit to America in 1909, this finds a young friend of his (and psychoanalysist) caught up in a murder investigation and caught up with a young girl. There are many twists and the book will keep you guessing.
I read listened to the audio book read by Kirby Heyborne who did a very nice job not only with the male voices, but with the female voices.
I did enjoy most of it, though some made me slightly uncomfortable, but I think that maybe that is what the author intended.
Recommended for: those who are curious about Freud, not squeamish

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