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November 22, 2006

Back to Movies- Da Vinci Code

Well, not that anyone actually reads this, but here is my post on the Da Vinci Code.
It was long and sort of boring. Especially if you had read the book.
The actors were okay, though it was very odd to see Paul Bettany (Silas) abuse himself (literally, not in a naughty way).
As always, it was nice to see Ian McKellan though the role did not quite use him to his full potential, but what role ever does? I enjoyed him much more as Magneto.
I will admit that I almost fell asleep, my dad fell slightly asleep and Josh slept through all that he was home for.
I'm glad that I saw it, but also glad that I didn't even pay to rent it, much less pay to see it in the theatre.

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