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November 23, 2004

The Mummy Returns

The Mummy Returns joins Rick and Evelyn 10 years (or so) later. Their son, Alex (a combination of brains and tendency to cause minor disasters) is kidnapped by Imhotep and taken deep into the long hidden oasis. Evelyn discovers that she magically has advanced fighting skills (turns out she is the re-incarnation of the original Pharoah's daughter, original as in from the first film, not as in the first pharaoh) and her abilities spark back to life as she begins to dream of her previous life.
The scorpion king also makes a brief appearance before his film debut.
I don't particularly like the reincarnation bit, but I do love the ancient fighting scenes and the glimpses back to their life in ancient Egypt. There are also scantily clad ladies and of course there's a bit of treachery.
Highly recommended for: those who love Egypt, Indiana Jones Fans, and fans of a good romance/adventure film.

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